Monday, April 17, 2006

As a teacher with more than one classroom, I have to have everything I need on a cart. When I got my tablet (personal money) I managed to receive a small grant and I purchased a nice Mitsubishi XL5 projector and a cart. I quickly found that I needed a sound system (40 watt w/sub woofer…it rocks!). With the sound system, I found that I could use a dvd/vcr plaer and dispense with ever having to use a school TV again (yea!). Here’s a picture of my current setup (click for the "larger" version:

In the course of the year, I found that even being wired to my projector through the VGA cable was too confining. I wanted to be able to wander the room with my tablet as I ran through my demo’s, lectures, and whatever. I also wanted to be able to plop my tablet down in front of a student so they could do examples or show their insights “on the fly.” It also has the benefit of letting me work through some ideas of how I would teach a class if everyone had a tablet. Since I had been very frugal with my funds for the past several years (and my students had gone easy on the science glassware), my principal gave me the funds to buy a new projector that supports wireless connectivity (an Epson 755c). Of course, I think he was really going to get another projector anyway and that he like the one I had just fine ;-)

It just arrived and I’m going to start testing it out as this week – I’ll let you know how it goes!

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