Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Happy Wednesday! It's been a while -- it's looking like I'll be posting at least once a week with "maybe more often" on occasion...

Anyway, I have a couple of new "broadcasts" for you: one on OneNote and one on Journal & PowerPoint. Surprisingly, I've managed to keep my usual chatty self limited to less than 10 minutes for each! I hope that you can understand me in spite of a rather severe cold that I had at the time...

The OneNote video starts by showing what I think is my best use of OneNote to date: how I keep tack of what my students are doing on a daily basis (besides the gradebook). Of course there's more, but I think that's my "best use."

I also find Journal useful when I need to take some "quick and dirty" notes (although I use OneNote more and more) and PowerPoint with ink is pretty nice too, allowing me to capture some class discussion as I go.
One thing that I'd like to experiment with before the year is up is capturing audio (in OneNote) of class discussions.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Well I know why I've never made a flash movie using Camtasia before: you can't import it back into Camtasia. Oops. That means that I'll have to remake the MindManager movie in order to make it downloadable for offline use. Look for it -- and at least one other movie -- by the middle of this week. Sorry for the delay.

-- after sleeping on it --

For those of you who can't wait for the nice small .wmv file (and a little polishing of the content), I've compressed the shockwave flash movie content into a .zip file. It's still about 28mb, but at least you can download it! I will still have the .wmv and some new content (OneNote) out by mid-week, plus some supporting files (including some mind-maps).

zipped shockwave movie (open the .html file to play)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Shay asked a good question about sizing of ink topics in MindManager:

"I am just wondering, how do you increase the size of the ink input window when you write in a subject with your pen?"

I cheat....

In the Tools/options/tablet menu, you can set it up so that your input panel is large, while your finished map topic is reduced. I set mine to 70%...