Thursday, February 09, 2006

Friday, I get to talk about how I use my Tablet PC to teach! I'm already sleepless...

Note that the links on this page are going to be constantly updated (and nested soon) as I update the site this weekend. I've included a few key links for now to hold you over (yes the powerpoint will show up Saturday)

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texicanjoe said...

I look forward to your experiences. i'm trying to figure out how to best combine the strengths of ppt style presentations with the interactivity of old
'chalk and'talk, but it is not possible tp write on ppt slides in slideshow mnode, and the alternatives i've tried are clunky. these include. 1. going in and out of slideshow to write, and 2. pasting a ppt slide into msn'one note to write on it. neither option works well. anyone else have better solutions ? thx