Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The idea for this particular blog comes from my desire to no longer lurk (and occasionally contribute) on all the other tablet pc blogs out there. As a teacher, I find that there are many great tablet pc blogs out there (see the links), but I want to contribute my own voice now (and hear from others).

It's all about ideas for the classroom in a less than perfect world (1-1 tablets!). I hope to hear from many people and that you will find this blog useful.


PS: If any of you out there are elementary teachers and use a tablet in your classroom, drop me a line! I know that I'd use one if I taught say, first grade, but as a high school teacher, there's no way I can have any more than a remote idea of what you go through! I marvel at the creativity of K-8 (and pre-K)!

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